Quarna Sopra ist eine Gemeinde mit 285 Einwohnern in der italienischen Region Piemont unweit des Lago Maggiore.

Mandali offers an ongoing program for anyone who wishes to spend some quality time... to learn and relax.

New spiritual travelers or well travelled practitioners are welcome to drop-in and join one of the 3-, 5- or 8-day Mandali experiences.

The Mandali Experience is designed to support participants to disconnect from the daily stress and routine and help to immerse themselves in to their own natural flow of being. During the Mandali Experience we provide guided meditation, yoga classes and individual session throughout the entire day. Furthermore you are free to enjoy our Body Care Center facilities, have a lovely stroll on the mountain, walk the labyrinth and/or book a session with one of our body care healers.

On arrival, you will be given a schedule of events from which you can choose to participate, as well as information about special walks and points of interest. From there, you can choose your own rhythm by attending one or all of the activities we offer, or simply sit quietly, overlooking the mountains and the lake below.

Included in the Mandali Experience:
•Orientation meeting at arrival.
•Daily classes - 3 times a day
•Full board - 3 meals a day
•Open meeting with one of Mandali's teacher.
•Use of the Body Care Centre facilities

Opening a retreat centre in Europe.. a new experience for each of us, has unfolded with a combination of good intent, guidance and the work of many.
Every day seems to be an offering of possibilities to co-create with fresh spirit.

We are a core team of four. Two female Wisdom Teachers, steeped in life times of knowledge and love.. and two wise men, equally capable of supporting the love and knowledge, with the experience and commitment that is needed for Mandali to function well, from the beginning and into the future.

It has become 'a little city of light'.

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